“Wow! That was the one simple word that best described the one-woman musical hurricane that was Amy X Neuburg last night. If diversity, creativity, and flat-out ability were all crimes, Neuburg would have been locked up years ago.”

— Otago Daily Times, New Zealand

“I think I’m in love. Neuburg is a new kind of multi-threat composer, a wonder of sampling, overdubbing, electronic manipulation of live sound… a fabulous singer… exhilarating originality. Nobody else sounds like Amy X.”

— Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“Don’t miss the spectacular Amy X Neuburg. She’s the best thing to come out of Oakland since Jack London.”

— composer John Adams, in his blog

“She loops her voice and sings over her alter egos until she’s a whole chorus, an opera, a circus act… More musical than Laurie Anderson and a hell of a lot cheerier than Diamanda Galas, Neuburg has scoped out her own territory in the gulf between pop and classical.”

— Kyle Gann, Village Voice

“A wonderful composer-performer… Her songs channel the rhythms of urban life through the seriocomic sensibility of a born entertainer… Neuburg’s musical inventiveness proves a delight throughout.”

— Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

“Though many artists aspire to individuality, few fit that definition as surely as does Neuburg… Neuburg’s poetry, on which her songs are based, is substantial, literate, witty and stylish… an uncommonly versatile, excellent voice of unusual range, seamlessly mixing styles.”

— Rick Walters, ExpressMilwaukee

“On the big stage of the Palace of Fine Arts Theater she was nothing less than brilliant. Her stage persona transcended the gadgetry of loop and sample… Neuburg has an artistry that is truly compelling.”

— San Francisco Classical Voice

“Amy X Neuburg is, in my opinion, the best singer in the whole world… difficult, ambitious melodies… she communicates them with an actress’s aplomb and a comedian’s timing.”

— Brian Block, PopRock Nation

“Amy X Neuburg is a star — a brilliant one… A classically trained vocalist, a composer, an electronic musician, a poet, and an entertainer… satirical, profound, humorous, and sexy… Experimental but always under total control… uses the looper in the most skillful and artistic manner I’ve yet seen.”

— electro-music.com

“Neuburg wields a phenomenal voice in which one gleans hints of the dominant art singers of our day: Meredith Monk, Björk, Kate Bush’s passion, Laurie Anderson’s intimate brilliance… with a vocal potency that recalls Diamanda Galas… As poised as she is powerful.”

— Alan Lockwood, New York Press

“Sometimes high art like this can disappear into itself. Not so with Neuburg. Her diverse array of sounds (vocally and electronically) are matched by both her intelligent and emotionally connected lyrics and conversely her sense of fun.”

— Otago Daily Times, New Zealand

“Emotionally, her music is as complex as real life. Neuburg’s mix of despair, sex, joy, ennui and high energy are viewed through an observant eye of someone who’s decided that, all things considered, the world is more comedy than tragedy.”

— Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“Her stack of gear hulked next to the trim laptops of her fellow electronic composers. Yet she manipulated it with an interactive physical ease that seemed no less kinesthetic than the approach of a concert pianist.”

— San Francisco Classical Voice

“One of the most brilliant looping artists of our time… but I am forced to conclude that Neuburg has pilfered the new wave of music yet to come.”

— Santa Cruz Metro